Saturday, March 21, 2009

Everyday is a Blessing!

I raked the drive way today. What a glorious day!!! Here is what I saw when I stopped to take a break:

I stood there for a few seconds and said a silent prayer. I called out to my hubby. I said "Hey honey, did you see this?" He said "yes, it has a lot of thorns; I am going to cut it down." I said: "no, come here and see it, really see it." My two kids, being the kinda nosey kids they are, stopped raking and asked "what, what is it?" My sweetpea got there first and -without me having to point out the perfect shape of a cross- said: Jesus' tree! We were amazed at the perfect cross shape of this small tree. It is beautiful and the picture does not do justice to its beauty. Needless to say that my husband's plan to cut it down was met with a " . . . but Dad, you cannot cut down Jesus' tree!" He obviously agreed. The tree stays.

This is my driveway. I cannot take all the credit we raked the pine needles as a family.

What do you think of my little, thorny, beautiful tree? Is it God saying hello? I think so. My kids do too.


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